I am passionate about science communication (#scicomm) because knowledge that is accessible to everyone is key to the preservation of wild species and wild places. I feel that a hands-on experience rivals anything in a book, so I'm constantly seeking opportunities to engage communities, especially children, about science and natural history.

  My goal with education events is to stimulate curiosity about the natural world while encouraging everyone to think about conserving biodiversity for the future. I have highlighted a selection of some recent examples of my #scicomm below. Feel free to reach out (email or Twitter) if you would like to set up an event for public education, have me write an article, or anything else related to science education and communication.


Popular writings

National Geographic
The Great Chameleon Search

Public outreach

2018: 1-hr presentation in the school auditorium – “Chameleons! Evolution, Biodiversity, and Conservation”. Brown Middle School, El Paso, Texas

2017: 1.5-hr hands-on demonstration in the classroom – “Snakes: Big and Small.” Peace Lutheran Preschool, El Paso, Texas

2016: 1.5-hr presentation on safety and venomous snakes – “Snake Encounters in the Chihuahuan Desert.” Eagle Mountain Gang Inc., Sierra Blanca Quarry, Sierra Blanca, Texas

2015: Science fair judge, Harold Wiggs Middle School (grades 5–8), El Paso, Texas

2014: Science fair judge, Bill Childress Elementary School (grades 3–6), El Paso, Texas

2013: 2-hr hands-on demonstration – “Interacting with Reptiles.” Asian Extravaganza’s Year of the Snake, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

2012: 2-hr hands-on demonstration – “Snakes! Research and Conservation.” Apple Fest, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

2011: 1-hr hands-on demonstration – “Safety and Identification of Snakes”. Boy Scouts of America, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

New species video on the news

El Paso News - KFOX - New chameleon species - 19 June 2017

El Paso News - KFOX - New chameleon species - 19 June 2017

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