The Hughes Lab

  Research in our lab addresses questions concerning the ecology, evolution, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. We utilize a variety of techniques, including radiotelemetry, mark-recapture studies, and phylogenetic reconstruction, and data stems from a variety of sources, especially museum specimens and wild populations. We achieve all research goals through student participation, where the focus is on training and building capacity in research based on rewarding experiences for students. All of the research conducted in our lab is student-led and thus the lasting impact from our work is the training of the next generation of ecologists and evolutionary biologists.

2021 Kansas Herpetological Society Meeting
  • Lauren, Danny, and Farah
2021 Summer Lab Photo
  • Danny, Lyssie, Farah, and Lauren

Daniel F. Hughes, Ph.D.

Lab PI


Farah Suboh

Project: Space use and behavior of Ornate Box Turtles

Major: Biology

Standing: Junior

Funding: Coe College


Delaney Throckmorton

Project: Deciphering the recruitment of TFAP2 to the neural plate border

Major: Biology

Standing: Senior

Funding: FUTURE program


Lyssie Ahern

Project: Documenting the biodiversity of an urban lake in eastern Iowa

Major: Biology

Standing: Junior

Funding: NSF STEMPath


Lauren Velez

Project: Assessment of an urban lake's aquatic turtle community

Major: Biology

Standing: Junior

Funding: Iowa DNR


Sangai Dukuly

Project: Spatial ecology of Ornate Box Turtles

Major: Biology

Standing: Freshman

Funding: Coe College


Marcos Villanueva

Project: Effects of glowsticks on captures of Blue-spotted Salamanders in eastern Iowa

Major: Biology

Standing: Graduated 2021

Funding: Coe College

Time in lab: Spring 2021

Delaney's poster
Marcos's poster
Lauren's poster
FINAL_Velez & Hughes_Cedar Lake turtles_KHS poster_2Nov21.jpg
Farah's poster
FUTURE Program Poster_Throckmorton et al_27July21.jpg
SRS Blue Spotted Salamander mvillanueva & dhughes_Spr21 (1).JPG
FINAL_Suboh et al_Box turtle behavior_KHS poster_3Nov2021.jpg
Sangai's poster
Dukuly et al_Phenology of copulation in Ornate Box turtles_12April2022_edited.jpg
Lyssie's poster